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Farcomake for Advanced Medical Industries SAE is a joint stock company founded in the year 2004 under the investment law number 8/1997, with issued capital of 44 million LE.

The production facility is located in New Burg El Arab Industrial City which is 6 km from Alexandria port, the major sea port n Egypt.
Farcomake is a manufacturing company of medical disposables; engaged in the production, research and development of medical disposables. Our main products are the intravenous cannula, blood lines and the AVF.

Since its establishment in 2004 and due to its high quality products, Farcomake is increasingly acquiring market share in the local and international markets.

We have a dedicated team of engineers experienced in the production and product's research and development, all machinery are supplied from Europe through in- house designing.
Since its establishment in 2004, Farcomake has a focused vision of applying Advanced Technologies to the development of products at the most affordable prices in the field of Health care Disposables. Farcomake boasts of an impressive state of the art facility in the industrial city of Burg  El Arab.

Company capabilities include-
  • - Controlled Molding Area.
  • - State – of – the – art clean Room of class 10,000
  • - ETO Gas sterilization plant and all other modern amenities and facilities required for manufacturing of medical devices.
  • - A state – the – art laboratory facilitating the implementation of the Quality control systems and the research programs.

    Farcomake has developed research driven dedicated team of professionals having hard – core experience in applying advanced technologies to the development of superior high quality tools for the medical profession and the end user.

    In its drive to become a leading international supplier of health care disposables, the company has developed quality and products system as per ISO 13485, ISO9001 – 2000 and CE 120 Standards.


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