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  • Farcocathe I.V. Cannula

Size ID OD Length Flow Rate
18 1.01 1.29 44.5 120 ml/min
20 0.81 1.08 32.4 70 ml/min
22 0.67 0.91 24.2 50 ml/min
24 0.53 0.74 19.0 30 ml/min
  • It is provided with an additional feature for connecting the leur lock with the injection port with out having to open the injection port, so leading to more easy use and infection control.

  • It is provided with injection port

    1. The injection port is provided with specially designed double hinged cap incorporating a recessed plug with a protective skirt to effectively prevent contamination when the valve is not in use.
    2. The port has a one way silicon retreating valve to facilitate extra medication with the help of syringe with out needle and to prevent t back flow.
    3. The valve cap has special design to facilitate effective two point grip for the cannulation.
    4. The double hinge port cap design does not obstruct during insertion and fixing and keep the cap closed effectively.

  • - It is provided with flexible angled & grooved wings for ease of fixation.
  • - The wings also prevent displacement of cannula over the patient\s body.
  • - Single use, sterile and non – pyrogenic.
  • - Cannula is a Japanese Stainless Steel (AISI 304) needle with diameter and length adhering to all ISO standards.
  • - The catheter is Teflon.


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